Easter 2017

This Sunday is Easter. It is the single most important day in Christendom, or in any other kingdom for that matter. Christmas draws greater attention, but the reason Christmas exists is to make Easter possible. You see, Jesus had to be born in order to die, and He had to die in order to rise. This is the Christ Event, the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus. Do not allow yourself to be distracted by bunnies and eggs, candy and chicks. Easter is not about that. Easter is about the sacrifice and victory of the Son. The message of Easter then cannot be that God offers us baskets of candy and goodies, literally or figuratively. The dominant sermon theme should not be what Christ’s resurrection will do for you. It must be deeper. It has to be deeper, because Easter celebrates the person of God and the manifestation of His character. Easter is not about you and I. It is about Him. Jesus died because He is love. He rose because He is the life. He saves because He is long-suffering, full of mercy and grace and abounding in lovingkindness. All things are done so that God might be glorified. Jesus was “lifted up” so that the Father would be lifted up. I fear that we focus so much on what we want God to do for us that we do not see God. I have done many funerals. I have never sat with a family who longed for another trinket from their loved one. What they desire are another smile, a kiss on the cheek and another moment to hold their hand. At Easter God does not come bearing gifts. He comes offering a smile, a kiss, His hand, Himself. Pray that this weekend at Riveted we spend little time dwelling on what’s in it for us. Pray that we spend much time holding hands.

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