Get Out of the Graveyard

Luke 24:5 – “Why do you seek the living among the dead?”

It is one of the central questions of human existence. It encompasses every area of life, from relationships to personal development, health to education, recreation, and yes, the spiritual. People spend much personal capital on worthless and wasteful pursuits. We desperately desire renewal. We long for a life that is energizing and fulfilling. Yet, we throw effort and energy at activities, pursuits and relationships that drain and decay. Why do we seek the living among the dead? It is necessary for us to take a hard look at our lives during this holy season of Lent. What is in your life is dead? Discard it and replace it. Commit to investing your life in those things that are living. First and foremost, to Christ. The holiest time of the year and the year’s most important holiday is Easter. Most think Christmas, but Christmas was only necessary to get us to Easter. There is only one resurrected Savior. There is only one who conquered death and can make ALL things new, Jesus Christ the Righteous. Stop hanging out in relationship, fitness, vocational and educational cemeteries. Commit all your ways to Him today.

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