GROW – Middle School Program

Grow Logo GreenWHAT: Riveted Middle School Program
WHERE: Riveted Church Youth Room
WHEN: Wednesday’s 6:30 to 8:00pm


The Program is called GROW, which stands for:

GGratitude: As young adults we need to understand that Grace is unmerited favor.  God chooses us, forgives us, even when we don’t deserve it.  When a student understands how much they need God’s Grace, the will be moved to desire a…

R Relationship:  Once a student realizes the need for Christ in their life they will begin a new relationship.  Out of a GROWing relationship will come…

OOpportunity:  From a relationship with Christ, students will begin to see opportunity in their lives like never before.  Opportunities to serve, to be kind, patient and selfless.  They will begin to understand they are to love others as Christ loves them.

WWillingness: It’s not enough to recognize opportunities, we have to have an action step.  The scripture tells us that James said, “Faith without works is Dead”.  While it is true that works do not earn us our salvation, it is our willingness to do as Christ did that gives evidence of our salvation.

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We will have weekly emails to parents as well as the kids.  The new content we’ve selected is fantastic and will keep your students focused on Christ.  However, they will only be with us 2 – 3 hours a week.  The rest of the time they will be with you, where they will get the most grow. We are a tool for you and we hope that you will use us to help GROW your students in Christ.

Check back to the website periodically for new updates on content, and if you are not getting any emails, please contact James Ashford at

God Bless



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