Hopelessness and Peace

It is never easy to share unwelcome news, particularly news of serious health issues afflicting loved ones. When my family addresses death, it is not within the context of a video game, it is because someone is dying. I grieve for those who approach the matter of eternity without faith in God. To have one’s destiny reside in the hands of fallible and finite people must be horrifying. I think this is also why so many are completely lost in the aftermath of this year’s presidential contest. Their lack of faith in God leaves them no choice but to depend upon the “right” people being elected. So when their preferred candidates lose, they are left to rage against the machine, undone in their completely avoidable hopelessness. Peace is not the product of men’s machinations. It is not the absence of conflict or hardship. Peace is the clear and calm state that is produced because you know you are in right relationship with the Creator. Peace is trusting that God is at work in, and in control of, the world. There is the appearance of chaos, but we believe in a divine plan. Further, the Spirit grants assurance that the outcome of the divine plan is for the good of all followers of Christ. This enables the faithful to breath easy and deeply, taking in all the God given blessings of life. Unfortunately, decades long efforts to excise God and faith from the American society has produced a populace that is fragile mentally and emotionally, not just spiritually. A robust faith in Christ alone is the corrective.

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