I Stand Upon the Word of God

A Christian denomination in Canada is considering what to do about a minister in one of their churches. Nothing new there. So, why do I feel it worthy of comment? There are two reasons. One, the minister is a self-proclaimed atheist. It is not that she disagrees with some esoteric ideas about the deity. She does not believe in God – Father, Son, or Holy Spirit. Two, this denomination is considering what to do about their atheist minister. The group in question prides itself on its openness to other ways of thinking, even concerning the orthodox beliefs of Christianity. How did they arrive at here? They abandoned an external, absolute standard of living. They threw out the Bible as the inerrant, word of God. The inevitable result of this happening in a Christian organization is three-fold. First, false beliefs and heresy find a home. Second, necessary activities are not required and forbidden activities are allowed, if not encouraged. Third, the group in question no longer stands for anything. It is unidentifiable, except as religiously themed support group. Every lasting movement must have three aspects – a clear and controlling set of beliefs, a clear and controlling set of practices and a clear and controlling set of leadership. Pray with me that this denomination will turn from their destructive course and embrace that which makes Christianity/Christians unique and vital.

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