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Please let us pray for you! We know that it is a blessing to know that there are concerned people lifting our needs to the Father on our behalf.  Sometimes it may even feel as though our prayers aren’t going anywhere or that people just don’t seem to care.  We want to tell you, emphatically, that that last statement is not true!  We do care and more importantly than that…God cares!  He does hear and His hearing is different from our “hearing.”  When we speak of God hearing it always implies action… He hears you and is moved to act on your behalf.  It may seem like nothing is happening or that you’re not getting the answer you’re looking for, but His word promises He hears you and is moved to act. When we come together in agreement we add fuel to the prayers. We commit that we will pray for you daily.

May God, in His wisdom, answer your prayers in a way that brings Him ultimate glory, even if that means we don’t get our way or it seems to takes a long time to get that answer.  Amen! (that means “so be it”, by the way)

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