Praying for Our Leaders

Praying for all people, particularly our leaders is of primary importance. This is the meaning of “First of all”. What prayers do we offer? “Supplications” are requests arising from a spiritual need. When we offer them for our leaders they should be offered to God, from love, with urgency, always recognizing man’s insufficiency. “Prayers” emphasizes to whom we pray. God, and God alone, is worthy and able to bear our petitions. In offering prayers for our leaders, we acknowledge that all earthly authority is a derived authority, owing its existence to the pleasure of the Prince of Peace. “Intercessions” means that we speak to God on someone else’s behalf. It is related to a word that means to “fall in with”. Thus, intercession’s prerequisite requires that we come alongside those for whom we speak. “Thanksgivings” means we gather regularly for turkey and pumpkin pie. No, not really. Maybe. Thanksgiving is expressing a gratitude that acknowledges life would be poorer had it not been for the contribution of another. We should make the effort to discover how others bless us, even those for whom we would never vote. Whatever vote, whatever outcome . . . pray without ceasing.

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