Supreme Court – Supreme Authority

As you hear about the Senate hearings concerning the Supreme Court, please remember this. Some have asked the nominee about “siding” with one group/interest or another. Presumably to determine if he will come down on the correct side, defined by the questioner. A judge’s job is not to take a side, legislate from the bench or find loop holes and/or novel interpretations that will allow or prevent certain outcomes. A judge’s job is to apply the law. The judge is servant to the text. Spiritually, our job (especially ministers) is not to take a side, produce overburdensome regulations or creatively find justifications that allow or prevent certain outcomes. Our job is to apply scripture. The authority of the law and of scripture is undermined when we engage in gymnastics that serve to avoid or deny the text. We are subservient to the word. If not, we become a law unto ourselves inviting the risk that such uncertainty and chaos necessarily produces.

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