Things That Make Us Die a Little – Procrastination

Luke 24:5 – “Why do you seek the living among the dead?”

Things that cause us to die a little every day. Procrastination. Procrastination is not waiting until a deadline. Procrastination is putting something off without a deadline. Procrastination often hides behind phrases like, “I’ll get around to it”, “Let me think about it” and “I will pray about it”. There are various reasons for procrastinating. The task is hard, inconvenient, boring and/or costly. Unfortunately, things have to be done. So how do we handle those things? Begin by identifying what those things are. Overcoming procrastination requires us to identify what REALLY needs to be done. Some things can be put off. Do not stress over these things. Some things do not have to be done at all, or they do not have to be done by YOU. In those instances, do not do those things. Don’t. Either neglect the task or delegate it to someone else. Set the deadline. You will delay if you do not. Count the cost. What do you need to do the job? Set the schedule. In ink, not pencil. Go to work. Go to work before. Go to work before social media, before answering email that is not mission critical, before tasks that are not mission critical. Do not distract yourself with unnecessary obligations. By the way, more often than not, we are not distracted. More often than not, we seek distraction. Do not allow yourself to be finished until you are finished. Make a ceremony out of checking the job off of your to do list. The simple act of making a check mark or drawing a line through an item is affirming. If you need to do something do not wait. If you do not need to do something, do not waste. Do not waste time, effort, emotional and mental peace or creativity on things that you do not have to do. Live a lot by accomplishing a little.

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